着物レンタルUME SAKURAから直ぐの一保堂

Ippodo Tea Kyoto

There are many specialty stores that sell high quality tea in Kyoto, but out of all of the places, Ippodo is the most recommended tea house by locals.  It is also our favorite tea store by far.  They have a … Read More

着物でぶらりniko and...COFFEE

niko and…COFFEE, Kyoto Teramachi

The Teramachi shopping street near our salon has many interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants to visit.  Some are old fashioned and traditional that have been been around for many years, and some are new and trendy. “niko and…” is a … Read More


Bakeries in Kyoto – Shinshindo

You might think that people in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital city, tend to eat more traditional Japanese food.  On the contrary, people here consume more bread per capita than any other cities in Japan.  There are many bakeries that sell … Read More