niko and…COFFEE, Kyoto Teramachi

着物でぶらりniko and...COFFEE

The Teramachi shopping street near our salon has many interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants to visit.  Some are old fashioned and traditional that have been been around for many years, and some are new and trendy.

“niko and…” is a trendy fashion and lifestyle brand based in Tokyo that has opened their first shop in Kyoto recently.   The place has a cafe “niko and…COFFEE”, and we tried their signature “niko pan”, soft rolls with various sweet and savory fillings.  They were quite tasty!

To get to “niko and…”, we walk down the Teramachi shopping street for 15 minutes from our salon.  There are many places to stop and shop on the way.

niko and...のニコパン
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