Ippodo Tea Kyoto

着物レンタルUME SAKURAから直ぐの一保堂

There are many specialty stores that sell high quality tea in Kyoto, but out of all of the places, Ippodo is the most recommended tea house by locals.  It is also our favorite tea store by far.  They have a large selection of Japanese teas, from superior matcha and sencha to everyday hojicha and bancha that are loved by locals.

It just so happens that Ippodo’s flagship store on Teramachi street is right around the corner from our salon.  The aroma of roasted tea can even reach to our street!

Ippodo not only sells a variety of their premium tea at the store, they also offer classes, lectures, and events by their knowledgeable staff.  Their team room serves several kinds of tea including matcha with sweets.

We highly recommend stopping by Ippodo on your way.  You can enjoy the premium tea wearing kimono and picking up some cans or bags of tea to take home for souvenirs. 

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