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Kimono Rental Shop in Central Kyoto

Ume Sakura is a kimono rental salon located in Central Kyoto, Japan. For over a decade, we have been offering a wide selection of traditional kimonos. We specialize in high quality, stylish, and authentic kimonos that can be worn for many occasions. Ume Sakura began in the Kitano/Nishijin garment district, but we have since moved our salon to the Gosho-Minami area, near the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Teramachi shopping district. Our salon is in a historical Machiya (traditional wooden townhouse) with tatami rooms and a courtyard garden. With our trained staff to guide you, Ume Sakura will ensure you a truly authentic Japanese experience.

Conveniently Located in Central Kyoto

Our Team

Atsuya Yagi

Born and raised in Kyoto. Yagi has over 30 years of experience in the kimono industry as an obijime designer. He has produced thousands of high-end silk obijime (decorative cords). Utilizing his experience and knowledge as a designer and wishing to share the fun of coordinating traditional patterns and colors of kimono, he started Ume Sakura. When he is not working, he enjoys surfing, skating, and snowboarding.


Model and Salon Staff
Eku is the model you see in many of our photos used on our website and social media. You may also see her greeting you at the salon. When she is not at Ume Sakura, she is a competitive skateboarder who actively participates in skating events and competitions. She may have a bruise or scratches from skateboarding, but she can pull off photo shoots in kimono like a pro.

Yoko Miyata

Kitsuke Staff
Kitsuke staff at Ume Sakura since 2010. She is highly skilled in kitsuke (dressing kimono) as well as hair styling, and she has been a core member of our team for many years.

Sachiko Chishiro

Kitsuke Staff
Dedicated kitsuke staff since the opening of our salon in 2009. Her experience, knowledge in kimono, and friendly personality have been appreciated by a number of happy customers.


Joined the team Ume Sakura in 2019 as marketing staff. Bilingual in Japanese and English. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and eating good food.

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