About Our Rentals

Why Choose Ume Sakura?

Highest Quality

We offer a wide selection of high quality kimonos, from casual to traditional. They can be worn for many different occasions, and will surely provide an authentic Kyoto experience.

By Appointment Only

All of our kimono rentals are by appointment only. To ensure a quality, personal, and special experience, we only offer service for one group at a time.

Liscensed Staff

We proudly staff certified kitsuke trained assistants to help you dress. Our staff will help you maintain a proper fit while staying comfortable throughout your day's travels.

Convenient Location

We are located in the Gosho-Minami area of Central Kyoto. The area includes many antique and specialty stores, tea shops, and restaurants. We are within walking distance from subway and bus stops.

Kimono Rental Plans

6 rental plans to choose from below:

Authentic Kimono Rental
Authentic and Traditional Style

Authentic Kimono Rental

Ume Sakura's standard and most traditional selection.

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UME SAKURA カップル着物レンタル
Great Deal for Couples

Couple Kimono Rental

For booking Women's and Men's kimono together.

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UME SAKURA Casual Kimono Rental
Casual Everyday Style

Casual Kimono Rental

Authentic kimono with casual Hanhaba obi coordination.

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UME SAKURAメンズ着物レンタル
Standard Kimono for Men

Men's Kimono Rental

Stylish and traditional men's kimono selection.

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UME SAKURA レトロ袴レンタル
Classic and Retro Vibe

Retro Hakama Rental

Classic school uniform look with Hakama skirt over authentic kimono.

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UME SAKURA修学旅行着物レンタル
Special Discount for Middle and High School Groups

Field Trip Kimono Rental

Field trip groups only. Casual Kimono selection for students.

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What's Included

We provide everything you need, so you do not need to bring anything.

Kimono and Accessories

Our rental plans include Kimono, Obi, and all the accessories you will need. Zori sandals and bags are also provided. Our licensed staff will help you dress.

Hair Styling

Hair styling is included in our kimono rental plans. We do not offer extreme, elaborate hairstyles, but instead we focus on reflecting the simplicity and elegance of our kimonos.

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38 Fujikicho, Nakagyoku,
Kyoto, 604-0992

Monday to Tuesday: 9am - 7pm
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